Once a job is completed it can be invoiced and closed.

Invoicing can simply be done by generating a PDF invoice using your own letterhead, but the system also supports a number of integrations with on-line accounting systems.

Invoices are created using all Job costing, in case a fixed Job price is used, the fixed price will always be used if available.
Only once the Invoice is saved will Job costing entries be marked as Processed. Until such time Job costing entries can be altered.
It is also possible to remove a line-item from the invoice and keep for later invoicing.
Job reports can also be automatically added to the Invoice as comments.

Jobcard invocing

Accounts integration options


Invoices can be sent directly into the Xero accounting system as pending using the Xero API/Plugin.
You can then choose to send your invoices from Xero to your clients.

Sage One Pastel

This applies especially to our South African customers.
Invoices can be sent directly into your Sage Pastel on-line accounting system and be dealt with it from there.


Our integration with MoneyWorks Datacentre allows for retrieving GL Codes, Contacts and Inventory, but also creates Jobs and Invoices in MoneyWorks.
Please contact us if you would like to have this enabled for your installation.

MyOB Live Accounts

The MyOB integration works very much like the other integrations in regards to retrieving GL Codes, Contacts and Inventory as well as creating invoices in MyOB.

CSV Export

And of course, the invoice data can be exported into a CSV file format to be used for your own specific purposes.

Custom integration

We can also create a custom integration for your Accounting system, being it an export file or on-line integration.
Contact us for more information.