Keeping track of what time and materials as spent on each Job is an important matter for any business, you actually want to know whether a certain Job was profitable or not. Our Job costing section allows you to do just that.

Enter all used materials and time on the Job card, whether chargeable or not. Marking certain items as non-chargeable will give you straight insight into the overhead costs of a Job.

To make it easy, entered timesheet information is automatically transferred to the job costing as soon as you open the Job costing section. Now, when entering materials from the Inventory list, you will also be able to track the costs of used materials.

Job cost Tracking

The information entered here will automatically be transferred to the invoice once the job (or part of the job) is ready to be invoiced.

Once invoiced, costing entries will be marked as Processed. Costing entries can also be marked as non-chargeable so that it will not be transferred to the invoice.