Classic Jobcard details
The classic Job card system that helps out electricians, plumbers, glaziers and the likes

This is the main area to manage your Job card system status.
Job numbers will automatically be generated as an ever-increasing sequential number.

The checkboxes are used as follows-

  • Complete
    To mark a Job as being completed, this means the actual work has been done, and the job is ready for invoicing.
  • Cancelled
    Mark a Job as cancelled, a comment is required to give a reason for the cancellation.
  • Call back
    To indicate that this job is a call-back of another job.
  • RDO
    This stands for “Rostered Day Off” and is not actually a Job as such. It is used in the Timesheets to record time for example for Annual/Sick leave and the likes.
  • Non-chargeable
    To indicate that this Job will not be charged, a comment is required to give a reason for the cancellation.
  • Closed
    The Job is closed, an invoice number must be set in order to completely close-off the Job card. As a result, closed Job cards can not be altered anymore.
  • Quote
    The Job is marked as Quote, enter a quoted amount and use the Job costing area to create a printable quote.

One main employee must be added, responsible for the job and add multiple other co-workers, the main employee can be notified by email of a new job assigned to him/her.

Linked documents/files

Upload any document to the Job card system by either selecting and uploading, however, you can also add documents by dragging and dropping it onto the marked area, it will automatically upload to the system.

We maintain a fair-use policy regarding the total amount of disk-size used by a single system.

Photos taken with the mobile app will also appear here.